The Duster Strikes Again

The Dacia Duster is already well known for it’s attainable prices but it is the car that keeps on giving and also the car that keeps on surprising. There is now a new Dacia Duster and it is the range topper. It had Bluetooth, alloy wheels, roof bars, cruise control, sat-nav, USB import, electically operated mirrors, a heater, air con, 4 wheel drive, tyre pressure monitoring system and side airbags… basically it has the lot.

Now, AutoExpress did an interesting video whereby they asked a selection of high street shoppers what they thought this 4×4 would cost. The average of all the guesses was £24,444.90 and I imagine, given the Dusters reputation, that people were guessing very moderately, yet they still (as an average) got nowhere near the actual price, which is an incredible £16,000! The entry model is an even more mind blowingly low number costing only £9,495. To put things into perspective for you, it costs around the same price as the Fiat Panda.



The range topping Duster’s closest rival in terms of price is the Suzuki Jimny, which is an appalling car. It’s other rivals are the Nissan Qashqai and the Fiat Panda Cross, howvere both of the respective entry level models are both more expensive than the Duster’s range  with the Fiat Panda Cross starting at £17,000 and the Qashqai’s entry level model costing £18,265. Baring in mind the range topping duster including 4 wheel drive, it would cost you £23,750 for 4 wheel drive in the Qashqai. As an owner of a second hand Nissan Qashqai (which still cost more than much of the Duster range) I can’t help but feel a little bit conned. It goes without saying really, the Dacia Duster, no matter which carnation you go for is %100 the best value for money car there is, so if you are after a a practical 4×4 with all the trimmings, you should definitely consider the Duster!